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"I like Anne's way of making and seeing the world, other than from the perspective of pure profit and legal jargon."

- Customer -

I have worked in business law for more than ten years. I have gained my encouragement and experience while working for the EC audit firm and the law firm Castrén & Snellman. These experiences have taught me to understand business in different industries, the boundaries of law and practical application, systematicity and a keen eye.

In 2013, I decided to take an intermediate year and headed to the south of France, aiming for an MBA degree. As I studied, corporate responsibility repeatedly came up in the discussion and I found myself finding “its my own thing”. Promoting responsible business became my passion at the time and it still is, strongly.


A few years ago, I redefined my life. I moved from Helsinki to Loviisa and even to an old log house to be renovated. I decided to grab my second big dream and jump into an entrepreneur. I have grown  in an entrepreneurial family and blood drew to try my own wings. What a joy it has been to notice that those wings carry.


I founded Bonfide Oy with the idea of getting as many organizations as possible to strive for greater business efficiency, driven by corporate responsibility and compliance. This work is done from person to person. My promise to my clients is plain language, closeness to people and working together, with joy!


Impressive work on corporate responsibility and compliance is underway.

Are you going on a trip?

Anne Vanhala

Founder of Bonfide Oy

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