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Whistleblowing channels will soon become mandatory for many businesses and communities. Although a legal obligation, the notification channel is at the same time an effective risk management tool and a guarantor of responsible operations.

  • What would be the best choice for us as a notification channel?

  • To whom should the notification channel be directed? 

  • What are the other ways to report abuse?

  • Who would receive the notifications?​

  • How would incoming notifications be handled?​

  • Who would decide what action to take on the notification?​

  • How would the notification channel be communicated and to whom?

  • How would our staff learn how to use the channel?​

  • How would we report notifications and their handling to management?

The introduction of a notification channel does not have to be a big deal, although it involves a wide range of legal and practical issues. If you need an agile and reliable solution for implementing a notification channel, I will help you!

important issues


As a first step, we discussed the right technical solution for my client. I suggested going through a demo of two different systems and my client chose the most suitable solution for them.

Next, I created guidelines for my client for notification processors, and together we created an agile process for handling future notifications. After that, I also prepare clear instructions for the staff. Among other things, we emphasized the importance of announcements in the continuous development of my client's work community.

To emphasize the importance of the notification channel, I designed and implemented another short video for my client staff on how to use the channel. 

Pencils in a Cup

Deployment of the notification channel

Notification channel enabled as a service



  • Free initial survey  20 minutes online meeting

  • Fixed-price, customized offer for the introduction of a notification channel

3D Hand Sculpture


Produce the internal process and instructions of the notification channel lightly

  • Preliminary survey

  • Preparation of materials based on survey responses

  • Reviewing and commenting on materials in an online meeting

  • Finishing of materials




  • Complete process description

  • Necessary guidance for notification handlers and stakeholders



Producing the internal process and instructions for the notification channel, as well as guidance on the topic in the workshop  

  • Preliminary survey for workshop participants 

  • Two half-day, efficient and hands-on workshops

  • Guidance for handlers in workshops




  • Complete process description

  • Necessary guidance for notification handlers and stakeholders

I have several years of experience in developing compliance practices for different organizations and have assisted various organizations in implementing the reporting channel. 
I am closely following the development of legislation related to the notification channel and I am currently conducting a study related to the notification channels together with the Central Chamber of Commerce. Among other things, we will identify best practices related to notification channels and compare different implementation options.
I am actively training in the implementation of notification channels and related law. You can watch future trainings here.

Anne Vanhala, LL.M., MBA


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